To Those People That Want Me To Do Work For Them

People keep asking me to do things, pro bono, or not. Here's the deal and I want you to read this very carefully...

I only have so many hours in my day, so many days in my months and so many months in my years. I'm 40 now and I have been through a lot. I have lived very selflessly in the past 30, putting that statement as basically as it can be. I drudged through the Marine Corp and managed to continually remake myself. I did fall into politics for more than 8 of those years and I gave it my all. I built a consultancy and I gave it my all. I have worked as a self made person for as long as I can remember, the only breadwinner in my small family of 4... and these days that is not easy. I didn't think a lot of things through, I made mistakes, I gave in mostly to fate having it pick the road I have taken.

What I really want to get through to everyone is that my focus is now on my children, my time not working, not politics nor changing the world through my work but changing the world through my children's future. It's not all about me anymore and what I can achieve.

I still work though, pull the magic from my head to my fingers, I just want you to have some context as to the message I am putting down. I'll do work pro bono for a good cause or for strong money but there are some prerequisites.

Number 1, as most people know I hate phone calls, I really do, all my closest friends know I hate to have a phone conversation, just get over it, that's who I am, I chose that, I have my million reasons and I won't bore you with the details. I'll have a phone conversation when the time calls for it and 99% of the time it doesn't especially not at the beginning of a project. I need you, the client, to care enough to write everything you know about your project down, in some form of digital copy, period. If you do write things down, that commands respect with me, I start to care. Through this care and through your written copy you can get help not only from me but from any resource I might have and believe me, I have a lot. I'm not really looking for money, I'm looking to facilitate you and if you respect me and my wishes, I will respect you in a vice versa way. You'll get more out of your written word than you ever thought possible as far as what you'll get pro bono on a paid job or one for a good cause.

These days everyone seems to be after me to help them. Realize there is no way I can help everyone. I'm not filthy rich, there is only one of me, I have not scaled well over the years, mainly I think the reason is that I do not see that when I scale people I have been able to pass my attention to detail and care onto all the ones I am trying to scale with... there have been a few but only a few.

This is all I am trying to say really. Do your due diligence and do not waste either of our time. If I do something at this stage in my/our game I want whatever we do to be majorly successful, I have no time for things half thought or destined to half greatness.

Own it.