Bought an Airwolf 3DHD to compliment my Ultimaker

Shane Yakely and I went up to Costa Mesa for him to pick up his Airwolf 3DHD. We received a free class on it's usage, we learned a ton of valuable lessons. Shane had waited 6 weeks to get his printer. I continually asked about how I might get one as I had wanted one when I ordered the Ultimaker kit but it would have taken way past Christmas to get it and I wanted a 3D printer for the kids and I ON Christmas and the Ultimaker fit the bill. NOTE - The Ultimaker is like Drupal for the 3D world, fully open source, 100%... so I have absolutely zero regrets on that purchase, I absolutely love it... and I can tweak it to death.

After some negotiation, Airwolf was able to get me a returned 3DHD. I'm using it as I type this and I'll report on it's personality in future posts.